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  • Dance On The Noise Floor is a netlabel that distributes creative commons media files via Internet and music cassettes via postal services.

Sonntag, 2. Juli 2017

Dance On The Noise Floor, 1.

Label Credo - MP3's and JPG's are just sound and colour: a copy of 1 aspect. The reality is live and original: unique and uncopyable because of 1000 aspects.

The Music Cassette - ...once has been the libertarian mass medium for a cultural movement. The chassis of a tape reel and it's case also can be used as support mediums for acryll colours. The magnetic reel itself produces accidential art, if it is old and once recorded with an uncalibrated cassette deck. - Three good reasons to create art with MCs.

How to dance on the noise floor - Download the DOTNF loadettes just for the few cents of your computers electricity and safe your money for the concerts and cassettes of the DOTNF art(ists).

Rolling On Laughing Floors (rolf) the dotnf maker, Hamburg 2017.


Dance On The Noise Floor, 2.

#1 Documents of the Punk-D.I.Y.-Cassette-Producers of Hamburg-Harburg 1979-1984.
Start with five items (four free downloads and one cassette):

DOTNF 01 Pierre Godot "Erste Dinge/r zuerst"
DOTNF 02 Pierre Godot "Das Warten hat sich gelohnt"

DOTNF 03 Garygk Anarchimkobv "Between the vanishing chairs"

DOTNF 04 Was keiner wusste "Trommelfellgerber"
DOTNF 05 Die Godots "Nacktschneckendisco" (just as MC)

I hope I'll find some more out there...

Dance On The Noise Floor, 3.

The DOTNF video channel is ready now:

DOTNF Netlabel

Some one picture movies and some live takes of Pierre Godot albums and Rolf Menk programs.

Oh! And of course six outtakes from the 17 (19) track (two double tracks) album "Nacktschneckendisco" by Die Godots!

Dance On The Noise Floor, 4.

The brand new (October 2017) Pierre Godot Album "Miniaturen" (miniatures; DOTNF 06) is nearly finished.

It will be the second part of the C-90 cassette with "Nacktschneckendisco".

Dance On The Noise Floor, 5.

DOTNF07 is out now!

Another rarity from the south of the north... (Hamburg-Harburg)

Around 1981 "Jörg & die wilde 55" started to record his music on a reel-to-reel and a cassette recorder. Some tracks had found their way to nearly a dozen cassette copies, but were never sold. All the tracks vanished into a cardboard box for 35 years, but now we digged them out and here they are:

Jörg & die wilde 55  -  Geschweifte Römer (click this or the cover to the right)